SILverslagen for Psychology 

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Please be aware: your summaries will be available until the end of July. Afterwards, we have to remove the summaries from our website to prepare for next year. Since this year, SILverslagen has started writing psychology summaries in English. However, some older summaries (heruitgaven) are still only available in Dutch.


Bio- en Neuropsychologie
  • Literature Bio- en Neuropsychology (ENG, Reprint)

    A summary of the literature of the subject Bio- and Neuropsychology

    In this summary, chapters are discussed of: Kalat, J.W. (2016). Biological Psychology (12th edition, Cengage technology edition). Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Cognitieve Psychologie
  • HC Cognitieve Psychologie (NL, Heruitgave)

    Een overzicht van de hoorcolleges van het vak Cognitieve Psychologie

    Een overzicht van de hoorcolleges van het vak Cognitieve Psychologie. De cognitieve psychologie bestudeert algemeen menselijke functies zoals waarnemen, aandacht, geheugen, taal, denken, beslissen en motoriek.

    Let op: Dit is een heruitgave 

  • Literature Cognitive Psychology (ENG)

    Summaries of the course Cognitive Psychology

    Summaries of the literature in the course Cognitive Psychology. Contains chapters of:

    Book: Groome, D. (2014) An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. Third Edition. Second Print.

Psychology and Science
  • Literature Psychology and Science (ENG)

    Summaries of the literature of the course Psychology and Science

    Contains chapters of: 

    Chalmers, A. F. (2013). What is this thing called Science? (4th edition). Open University Press (McGraw-Hill). 
    Moore, B. N. & Parker, R. (2016). Critical Thinking (12th edition). McGraw-Hill.